A wedding sweet table goes geometric!

A beautiful bride who wanted an atypical wedding cake to go with her have-some-fun wedding banquet and here we suggested boldly a wedding cake without flowers (hmm.. not so sweet petite k-like?!) but with marbled hexagons! yes hexagons. Each hexagonal fondant piece was hand-rolled and crafted in a few shades of maroon, burgundy and a hint of gold. Read on to know more about this fun sweet table!

We always received enquiries regarding wedding sweet table like canape options, pricing etc. And we would like to give all brides a tip is, less is more, especially you are on a relatively smaller budget for canapes. Normally we do suggest wedding couples to have a rough estimation on how many pieces of canape they should order, ideally, around 2- 3 pieces per guest. BUT.. you can actually adjust according to your needs. Having fewer options or fewer quantity will not necessarily make your sweet table less amazing as it should be (if you leave the trouble part to us – canape and table design).


A simple sweet table at a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui


The bride picked a 2-tier wedding cake, and a minimum quantity of mini cupcakes (matcha & black sesame) as well as macarons (jasmine-raspberry rose). Everything filled up the trays and containers in an elegant way. Maroon (burgundy) and grey were the colour theme we used in this table set up.



Although only two types of canape were chosen for this sweet table, you won’t feel bored when you look at this set up as various arrangement was handled and displayed. A tray of macarons, a tray of mini cupcakes and also a tray of alternating the two of them.



If you have any questions regarding the sweet canape, feel free to shoot us an email!

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  1. Would like to know the price of Wedding Cake, macaroons and icing cookies for Candy Corner in Wedding Banquet on 13Jan 2018

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