In 2019, we’ve moved!

Between Haru (by Studio Sweet Petite K) is a cafe and baking studio. Every day, we serve handcrafted light meals and drinks, bakery goods made from fresh ingredients with our own recipes. We also sincerely welcome bakers of a­ny levels to join our workshops.

There are baking workshops in the studio with baking instructors from Korea, Japan and different part of the world. Bakers share, with a personal touch, their skills and experience, also curated selection of tools they use in kitchen.

At any corners of Between Haru, we hope our customers can share the same experience of calmness with us through the philosophy of still life in which we deeply embrace.

We hold both public classes (normally max to 10 students) or private classes (1:1 or a group of 10ish). Everyone is welcome and the venue is perfect for baking get-together, bridal shower, bachelorette party etc.

Come on in and enjoy every beautiful moment here with us.

What are you waiting for?

Just shoot us a message to plan your next special event!