Kenry Chan | Co-Director

Cake Design & Decoration | Pastry Bites | Sugar Flower & Buttercream Flower

Hi all! I’m Kenry. I love all kinds of beautiful, sweet and petite things.

I’ve always been a very typical Asian girl who focused a lot on my academic study since the age of 3 and were never allowed to get near to the kitchen (and typically not every household in Hong Kong does have an oven..) that’s why I started my baking journey pretty late, at around 16. I still vividly remember it was the scone, which was the first ever thing I made from scratch at a school cooking lesson, inspired and influenced me.

Home-baking instinct never leaves me even I moved to Seoul for my master degree in Korean Studies (focusing on Korean traditional art & history) back in 2010. Living on your own in a foreign country can be really lonely and so I bought myself a mini (toaster) oven to bake simple goodies at weekends and shared with my friends and colleagues the next day.

After a few years living there and I’m back in Hong Kong. I bake even more and was working as a full-time baking teacher for 2+ years at a local cozy baking studio in Sheung Wan. I read good cookbooks, I teach people, I attend courses and I test recipes. And through all these, I gained skills, knowledge, happiness, friendship and of course delicious final products! (see my works here)

I’d love to share what I love and treasure the most. It’s pretty much the reason why I established a blog called Sweet Petite K more and I hope I can continue to share my tips and skills to anyone who loves bakes and sweets, like me!