All you need is a wedding cake!

A wedding cake is not only about sponge and cream.

It’s no ordinary cake but more like a symbol, a witness and simply joy and blessings! In some culture, newly wed couples preserve a portion of their wedding cake (i.e. top tier) for a total of one year and eat it together at their very first anniversary in wish for good luck.

And nowadays, couples want their wedding cake to pop in their photos (social-media driven world) as well, so they might want the cake BIG, and to look NICE. oh yes, we totally get it!

Let’s see if any of below that catches your eyes ♥

 Garden-themed wedding has been quite a trend in the past few years, and most of the time, brides opted for a “semi-naked” cake with seasonal fresh fruits and herbs. The way of masking a cake with relatively less buttercream exposes certain part of the cake body itself and thus the cake looks rustic and tastes less “creamier” (if that’s what you are looking for :p).

But some still want their cakes to be fully masked with a slight touch of colour to go with the pure white. Be it a 3-tier or just one single tier, they just look equally lovely and taste heavenly!


Besides buttercream-finish cakes, you can also go for classic fondant-finished wedding cakes with our signature sugar flowers. Cakes are covered in elegantly neat fondant as finish and with that, they are more resistant to temperature and humidity change (which can be a great defense to Hong Kong’s extreme weather conditions).


You can pretty much pick any styles for a 2-tier cake with fondant-finish and sugar flowers. Garden roses symbolizes elegance and grace, so they were widely chosen by many brides.

The size of a sugar peony is comparatively larger than roses, so even one fully bloomed peony can give all the attention you would ask for even for a petite cake (6″) like below.

Another rose purely made from sugar paste.
A red rose and a white hydrangea – highlight of your wedding.

When sugar flowers and edible flowers cannot well illustrate a modern wedding that you and your other half dreamed for, you may also consider something sophisticated like below. Combination of geometry, lines and repetitive patterns.

3 things to consider when you plan to get a wedding cake ♦

style – buttercream-finish or fondant-finish? with sugar flowers (decoration) or not. Though we never put fresh flowers on cakes and canape due to food hygiene and possible cross-contamination issue.

serving size – how many people is this cake going to serve? you may want a 3-tier cake but you’ve only got 50 guests? Then you can consider having certain tiers as dummy to save some cost (food wastage) and cakes of course! 

flavours – classics like vanilla, chocolate or some tea-twisted flavours like earl grey or matcha? If you want to find out more, be sure to book our wedding cake tasting session! You get the chance to pick two flavours of your wish and find out which is the best fit for your important day! 

shoot us a message to know more!


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