An unique centrepiece for your sweet table

A centrepiece on a table serves an important decorative purpose. It helps set the mood and theme of the whole sweet table. And we always create a specially designed one to fit your “only” table at your once-in-a-life-time occasion.

Major elements of our [centrepieces]

fresh flowers (plants), candles, selected decoration pieces, fresh fruits, fabrics, ribbons..

… AND creativity

so basically, our sweet tables are not only about offering containers or plates for displaying the sweet canape, it’s definitely more than that. ♥



1. Garden-florals with a bit of metallic touch

It was an outdoor sweet table with a lot of greeneries surrounding it, so we matched it with a brass-framed glass containers which was filled with some fresh eucalyptus, baby’s wreath, garden rose (mauve/ blush pink).


2. Tropical fun with cute succulents

As the bride is a big succulent-lover, we specially designed this table all for her! On the real wood piece, we arranged pure white candles and a tiny teeny cactus, and balanced it with some in-season seeded eucalyptus.

And of course, who can miss out some ferns if we want something tropical?


3. Elegant garland with small white roses

An almost 5-ft long garland made from two different kinds of greens together with pure white roses, across the whole sweet table. The pointed eucalyptus used here deeply connected with the herbs used on the wedding cake.


4. Low-profile modern simplicity 

We majorly used fabric, candles and glass bottles to set up the centrepiece for this table. Unlike previous works, we picked a minimal quantity of distinctive florals and greens to give a simplistic feel of the table. Also, the greyish-checks fabric brought out the beauty of the flowers and greens.

Glass bottles in different shapes and sizes added some fun to the table as well. And so were those candles!


And we say again, from sweet bite to table set up, WE SERVE.

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  1. Can I have your rate card for wedding cake , sweet corner and tailor made cookie ? Thank you!
    My wedding day is on 29/6/2019.

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