Figs for bride and berries for bridesmaids

December has most people to get married, to be born, to party.

It’s been an absolutely crazy month for Sweet Petite K but we enjoyed it a lot. And we were more than happy to have Joey, the bride and all her thoughtful bridesmaids to join a baking party here. Before the party actually started, all girls gathered to prepare the gift for the lovely bride. How sweet!

十二月根本就是結婚、生日、開派對的高峰月份。Sweet Petite K 在過去的一個月簡直忙到不可開交,但心靈上卻是很滿足的。最最最開心的一班課就是跟準人妻Joey與她的好姊妹在一個周六下午渡過的。在Joey來到之前,姊妹們已經預先來到課室,為Joey準備富有心思的小禮物。

While they were busy working on their gift, ingredients have been measured and tea and scones were freshly brewed and baked.


To match the character of the bride, I specially picked ingredients which are of a more garden and rustic style – figs and berries! All are fresh and nicely ready!

當其中一位姊妹聯絡我的時候,她提過這位新娘子是走 #文青 路線的啦,希望甜點會帶出那樣的風格,所以我就特地選了帶有田園、文青風的無花果與紅桑莓。

Homemade scones were served with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Who can say no to it?

小茶點則是 #自家製 司康餅,配上草莓果醬與濃縮奶油(clotted cream)。


Let’s get our party (lesson) started!

The girls started with making the short crust pastry totally from scratch (flour, sugar, egg etc) and kneaded them into shape and lined the tartlet tins! Challenge, challenge, challenge! But they all nailed it 🙂


And from here, they split into 2 groups to cook the vanilla pastry cream.

Everyone was so concentrated not to get the cream burnt. Keep whisking, whisking and whisking.

之後到另一挑戰 – 雲呢拿吉士忌廉﹗大家都全神貫注以免燒焦忌廉。

Tart shells were baked and the pastry cream was chilled and now it’s time to assemble them all together, and of course garnishing! Fresh herbs are always the best options to go with anything fruity. We’ve got some rosemary and mint for the final touch!



No parties can end without thousands of photos or videos (or live videos or snapchats or… instagram stories… whatever).

I’d better end the post here and take more photos 🙂



Some of the above photos were taken and edited by bakerboo. ♥

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