[Flee Market Diary] Bakery Goodies with Tea and Blossoms

In the past two months, Sweet Petite K participated two flee markets together with Bakerboo and Moon.sland in the name of “Desserts, don’t care” (甜事別館) in Hong Kong. We felt so thankful and happy meeting all of you there and introducing all of our specially designed menus just for customers who went to the markets.

Menus at SPK is always diverse, from traditional western pastries to modern Asian desserts, and specially with a focus on something tea-based and edible florals. So at our first ever participating flee market which held by Hosbby (the organizer) and to match their “May’s Blossom” theme, we launched below items.

Sugar Flower Petite Bouquet – dried hydrangea & bluberries
Cherry Blossom & Chestnut Bagels
Tasting – Chai Latte Chiffon Cupcake
Our homemade (organic) lavender sugar and chai black tea (whole) leaves
The Bestseller – Earl Grey chocolate brownie squares

Everyone just could not get enough of these “devilishly” earl grey brownie bites and kept asking for more! The glaze on top of the brownies was made from our strong Earl Grey tea by brewing our beloved tea leaves for more than 24 hours so every bite is full of Earl Grey aroma and flavour.

Lavender shortbread

To know more about their workshop platform and flee markets info, check their website out!

And some more info of this past event.

One week right after Hosbby May Blossom market, we got selected to join another flee market in Kwun Tong. It’s a place that I’ve always wanted to go for so long – A nice place to.

At this market, we added a few brand new items (again matching the tea & floral focus). The first one is this,

Lemon Ceylon Tea Meringue Cookies

Adorable meringue cookies shaped as an ice cream scoop?!


Jasmine-tea raspberry frangipane

Frangipane is a traditional pastry originated from France. It is partly a tart, and partly a cake, and in between the two, there’s a delicious layer of raspberry-jasmine tea jam. Made by Luna @月島食堂, we are launching this class and going to bring this already so delicious dessert to another level – by adding wonderful decor pieces of fresh lemon tuiles and cream. Check here to find out more!

Don’t miss this great opportunity!


Thank you so much for reading such a long blog post.

Hope to see you next time!

From left: Kenry@SPK, Lora@Bak3rboo, Luna@月島食堂

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  1. Do you have any sugarcraft/ cake decoration classes? I am interested in joining such cake decoration class more than cake making. Thanks . Or call me at 90567302.

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