Keep Calm and Bake Cupcakes

It was a sunny and quiet Sunday morning, two lovely teen girls (actually it’s one of the girls’ mom) booked a private class with me for baking another Sweet Petite K’s signature – Earl Grey cupcake with rose water buttercream.

在一個星期天的早上,兩位青春少女跟我一起學習焗製Sweet Petite K 另一招牌甜點 – 伯爵茶配玫瑰杯子蛋糕(其實是其中一位的媽媽安排的啦)。

Everything was set up and looking neat and nice.


One of the girls does a bit baking regularly at home and I could definitely tell from her beating and mixing skills. Their Earl Grey cupcakes just came out perfectly (- which I see slightly dome shaped, spring-to-touch cupcakes which look fluffy and not dried up).

蛋糕出爐了﹗是近乎完美(根本就是完美﹗)- 微微的圓拱形狀、輕輕按下而有回彈而不是實崩崩收乾水的質感哦﹗其實做杯子蛋糕不難,但做得好才是關鍵啦﹗

And now it’s time to make some Italian meringue buttercream. Although we do have two stand mixers here at Sweet Petite K, I always want my students to experience how they can make things with more “hand works” so that (probably) they can appreciate more what bakers do (or at least what they have created from scratch on their own in the class)



Learning how to pipe a rose-swirl on your cupcakes is another fun part in this workshop! And of course the girls loved it! Lastly garnish the frosting with some dried rose petals and whoa-la into the box (or into your mouth?!)


I know it’s hard to resist the silky smooth and not-so-sweet rose buttercream so even her mom was licking fingers not to waste any bit of buttercream. Both of them took home with 12 homemade cupcakes and share with their families and classmates the next day! Yay, another cupcake party 🙂



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