Garment Groom Stain Remover & Fabric Freshener | Murchison Hume


ORIGINAL FIG | The deep sweetness of fig is refined with the zest of cranberry and rich, woody bergamot.


500mL | 17 oz.

STAIN REMOVAL | Spray directly onto garment and blot with a clean, dry cloth, working from the inside of the stain outwards. Allow to dry and repeat as necessary.

FRESHENING & DEODORIZING | Mist lightly and sweep over entire garment with a clean cloth, paying special attention to collars, cuffs and underarms. Hang to dry.

100% Cruelty-Free & Made in AUSTRALIA.

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Garment Groom Stain Remover & Fabric Freshener | Murchison Hume

Our powerful 2-in-1 plant-based stain remover and fabric freshener will take care of old or new stains, even those on your delicate items. Skip a trip (or two) to the cleaners.

 STAIN REMOVAL | Including food, coffee, tea, juices, wine and sweat
FRESHENING & DEODORIZING | Safe on silk, cashmere, cotton, denim, linen, rayon, wool and more


INGREDIENTS | Water, Sodium Decylglucosides Hydroxypropyl Phosphate, Sodium Laurylgluco- sides Hydroxypropylsufonate, Potassium Carbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Gluconate, Fragrance, Methylisothiazolinone

This product is people, pet, & plant friendly when used as directed. Even so, please exercise caution. Do not ingest, avoid contact with eyes and please keep out of the reach of children.

Made with highly recyclable PET plastic. Please refill, reuse, or recycle.

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Original Fig, White Grapefruit


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