You had me at fig tart. (tech wallpaper download)

I have been waiting for the fig season to come back since last November, as there are quite many students / customers asking for fig tarts in the past few months since I published a blog post about it (read here).

So here it is, a brand new workshop of a tart made of traditional French Pate Sucree (sweet shortcrust pastry) and Creme Patissiere a la Rose (rose pastry cream) and of course fresh and nicely ripen figs is finally here at Sweet Petite K.

It was once the original Creme Patissiere which was already fantastic enough to pair with this shortcrust pastry and figs, however I always want to develop something new to wow your taste buds and that must be some kind of flowers involved. ♥


I picked rose!

Rosewater, rose essence, rose syrup and rose petals.

Any girls can ever resist to this tart?

If you are interested in making this divine dessert this summer, join here.

And below are two photos taken and loved by me. I would like to share a bit of some #bakingfun with you all so you may download them (by clicking the images) for individual / personal use. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

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